Join Oregon BEST's Member Faculty

Research in Clean Technology

Oregon BEST encourages faculty engaged in research related to clean technology to actively participate in Oregon BEST as Member Faculty. Oregon BEST research programs are centered at Oregon State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon. Faculty membership in Oregon BEST is open to research, tenured, and adjunct faculty members at these institutions. Member Faculty must be willing to consider an active role in Oregon BEST and be involved or interested in Oregon BEST's evolving Research Areas of Interest:

Advanced Materials • Air • Agriculture & Forestry • Biofuels, Biochemicals & Bioproducts • Biomass Generation • Cleanweb • Consumer Products • Energy Efficiency • Energy Storage • Fuel Cells & Hydrogen • Green Building • Geothermal • Hydro & Marine Power • Infrastructure • Manufacturing • Recycling & Reuse • Smart Grid • Solar • Transportation • Water & Wastewater • Wind • Other

Qualifications & Expectations

Oregon BEST Member Faculty are expected to:

  1. Be listed in the Oregon BEST Partner Directory.  
  2. Specify one or more categories that most accurately describe interests within the Oregon BEST research areas, such as energy storage or transportation.
  3. Maintain active research or interest in Oregon BEST research areas.
  4. Actively participate in the Oregon BEST community by providing input on research ideas, collaborating with other OUS faculty on research topics, and being available for outreach events.
  5. Allow home university to share statistics about research proposals and funding with Oregon BEST.
  6. Be willing to have activity (such as proposals, awards, and expenditures) in research areas of interest included in aggregate statistics for Oregon BEST.
  7. Share, on an annual basis, a list of relevant publications, patents, honors, and other requested information.
  8. Acknowledge Oregon BEST in publications and proposals when appropriate (e.g., when benefiting from Oregon BEST funding or shared-user facilities).


Oregon BEST Member Faculty are able to:

  1. Apply for Oregon BEST-related funding opportunities.
  2. Request Oregon BEST letters of support for proposals.
  3. Connect to Oregon communities, industries, and businesses.
  4. Participate in workshops, brainstorming meetings, and other events.
  5. Request Oregon BEST sponsorship when bringing research workshops to Oregon.
  6. Access Oregon BEST financial and staff support for large proposals that involve OUS faculty and campuses.
  7. Provide input on investment proposals to the Oregon BEST Board of Directors and the selection of future research areas.
  8. Contribute to Oregon BEST-related white papers for federal clients and others.
  9. Receive and be featured in Oregon BEST e-newsletters.
  10. Use Oregon BEST name and artwork.

The searchable list below is drawn from our Partner Directory. You can narrow our list of partners if you like, but if you want a comprehensive list, just click on the "Search" button without entering any criteria.