Access to Research & Technical Expertise

"Local cooperation between industries and academia is recognized as a model for innovation to solve global problems.


The Foundation for Clean Technology Innovation

Cutting-edge research and collaboration create the foundation for transforming clean technology innovation into green collar jobs. Oregon BEST builds that foundation by investing in Oregon’s cleantech research assets, fostering collaboration between university researchers, industry, and national labs, and providing access to technical expertise, equipment, and information.

Our services include:  

Oregon BEST Labs 
Oregon BEST helped create a network of seven shared-user research facilities at Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon. The multi-million dollar labs and test facilities offer our industry partners access to research tools, faculty expertise, and workforce development opportunities.

Oregon BEST Researchers
Our Member Faculty includes more than 250 researchers at Oregon State University, Oregon Tech, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon.

Student Researchers
Explore opportunities for students engaged in cleantech research.

Oregon BEST creates opportunities for businesses to harness the intellectual capital of Oregon universities. We streamline collaboration between industries and universities by providing opportunities to participate in competitions, research teams, and demonstration projects.

Research Facilitation Services
We offer a range of facilitation services for projects that need a deeper level of support. Resources include team building assistance, research project proposal development, and research project coordination.

Review reports and other documents related to Oregon BEST research and projects, as well as Oregon’s cleantech sector.