Oregon BEST Companies

Clean Technology Development in Oregon

Since 2008, Oregon BEST has invested in over 40 Oregon-based clean technology companies and innovations. Our selection process is simple, and targets companies developing proprietary, technology-based products.

Our funding includes Early-Stage Investments of up to $250,000 made directly to startups, as well as investments in technology-validation projects done in partnership with labs and researchers at Oregon State University, Oregon Tech, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon. In addition to direct investments, an extensive suite of support services helps launch your innovation.

After receiving support, you become part of the Oregon BEST family of companies below. How are we impacting these companies?  Hear their stories

  • Sensing technology that can save millions in energy costs during specialty metals manufacturing.

  • Arcimoto's revolutionary vehicle brings affordable, ultra-efficient electric driving to the masses.

  • A sustainable waste recovery/recycling process carving a niche in the recycling marketplace.

  • Columbia Green produces engineered vegetative roofs that dynamically manage stormwater runoff.

  • CSD Nano specializes in leading-edge nano coatings that increase the efficiency of solar modules.

  • D.R. Johnson

    D.R. Johnson Lumber is the first U.S. company to manufacture certified, structural CLT panels.

  • A new electrode treatment technology designed to extend the life of redox flow batteries.

  • EcNow Tech is a developer of innovative, plant-based, compostable packaging.

  • EcoPro Polymers

    Renewable, environmentally benign, formaldehyde-free adhesives for composite wood products.

  • Grid-scale distributed energy storage using nontoxic, all iron redox flow batteries.

  • EnergyRM’s “negawatt” meter provides cost-effective measurement of energy efficiency.

  • all logos-04.png

    An airborne wind energy system delivers up to 4X the power of comparable renewable energy systems.

  • Focusing energy from the sun to kill bacteria and break down chemicals in soil and water run-off.


    Formology sources quality raw materials to transform them into high-value architectural products.

  • HM3 Energy converts biomass into clean fuel that can replace coal in many power plants.

  • Indow produces specialized, affordable, environmentally responsible thermal window inserts.


    IOTAS is the smart home experience designed specifically for renters.

  • Kerr Avionics

    Increasing the performance of instrument landing guidance systems in commercial and private jets.

  • KersTech, Inc.

    High efficiency hybrid drive train platforms utilize stored hydraulic energy to boost efficiency.

  • A mobile app that connects locavores, farmers, and chefs to improve local food sales.

  • Renewable energy systems based on in-conduit hydropower technology.

  • M3 Wave Energy’s fully-submerged ocean power device converts wave energy to electricity.

  • Manage My Co-op

    Software for co-ops and local food buying clubs to support bulk grocery ordering online.

  • NaCa Fermentation

    Expediting and improving fermentation for distilleries, breweries, and wineries.

  • NemaMetrix

    NemaMetrix’s ScreenChip technology uses microfluidics to analyze the effects of drugs and toxins.

  • The SunCooler is a solar-powered air management system for commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Building natural gas compression into automotive engines that will enable refueling anywhere.

  • A state of the art platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that manages electric car charging stations.

  • ProGrAnalog

    This technology arms customers with powerful tools to design fast, efficient electronic solutions.

  • Puralytics

    Puralytics produces photochemical technology for water purification.

  • Anchored beam footing systems for wind turbines that lower cost and environmental impact.

  • ShelterWorks is a manufacturer of Faswall, a building block system made from recycled wood chips.

  • Storm Regen

    STORM REGEN® technology is pioneering the way to more effective, eco-friendly stormwater solutions.

  • Pioneering the use of biochar from forest waste as a filter media for storm water management.

  • The Field Nutrient Sensor™ enables field measurement of nitrate levels in agricultural soil.

  • SweetSense provides sensors & software to monitor water, sanitation, energy, & rural infrastructure.

  • The Renewal Workshop

    Committed to creating a circular economy for the apparel industry by offering Renewed Apparel.

  • Biodegradable, super-absorbant polymers for agricultural applications.

  • Walking Point Farms produces Biochar-based seed coatings and soil amendments.

  • Waste2Watergy’s microbial fuel cell cleans wastewater while generating energy.