Pacific Light Technologies: Coating for LEDs

A commercialization grant from Oregon BEST is helping Portland startup Pacific Light Technologies work with OSU researchers to refine its proprietary coating material for LED lighting. The project could boost acceptance of LEDs in residential applications and potentially save billions of dollars in lighting costs.

Greg Herman, an Oregon BEST researcher and OSU professor of chemical engineering, is leading the work being performed at the Oregon Process Innovation Center for Solar Cell Manufacturing, an Oregon BEST shared-user research facility at OSU.

"The Oregon BEST funding is allowing us to work on current and future products in parallel, and Greg's expertise is a perfect fit with our company," says Juanita Kurtin, CTO and Co-founder of Pacific Light Technologies. "Markets in Japan and Europe are very down on anything containing cadmium, so this will also help us expand into those markets."

The new coating could increase the efficiency of LEDs by as much as 50 percent, generate warmer tones instead of the bluish-white light associated with LED technology, eliminate the use of toxic heavy metals, and cut manufacturing costs.