Columbia Green Technologies: Green Roofs and Stormwater

As stormwater management becomes a higher priority for cities nationwide, an Oregon BEST Commercialization Grant is helping Columbia Green Technologies collaborate with researchers at Portland State University on specialized research and engineering to quantify the benefits of the company’s eco-roof product in managing urban stormwater runoff.

Working with Oregon BEST Member Faculty Graig Spolek at PSU, Columbia Green hopes the data will speed the use of its product as an integral part of stormwater mitigation in new commercial construction.

“From a commercialization standpoint, Oregon BEST understood what we were trying to do and saw how they could connect us to university-based research expertise,” says Greg Love, CTO at Columbia Green. “We’re doubly blessed to have PSU, with its world-renowned green roof research right here in Portland with us. That really resonates with other cities when we say we’re a Portland-based company working with Portland State University and Oregon BEST.”