BPA’s FY15 Technology Innovation Funding Opportunity Announcement

The Bonneville Power Administration’s (BPA) office of Technology Innovation (TI) sponsors an annual Funding Opportunity Announcement for research, development, and demonstration projects based on BPA’s strategic needs.  The FY15 FOA (BPA-0002882) is now available on the BPA Exchange website: https://bpa-exchange.energy.gov/.  A two phase application process is used and Phase One concept papers are due March 27, 2014.  If applicants successfully pass Phase One, they will be encouraged to apply for Phase Two with full applications due May 1, 2014.  Award decisions will be made in early July, with new projects beginning in October.

This FOA seeks applications from all interested parties; including corporations, universities, non-profits, as well as the national labs, to contribute to advancement in these technological areas of interest: 

  • Collaborative Transmission Technology Roadmap (March 2014) and Addendum
  • National Energy Efficiency Technology Roadmap Portfolio (March 2014)
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Roadmap (March 2014)

A copy of each roadmap or addendum is available on BPA’s Technology Innovation homepage:  www.bpa.gov/ti.  Projects will need to demonstrate how they address specific R&D programs (existing or needed) identified in each individual product or service area technology roadmap.  Project sponsors will need to demonstrate that submitted projects are meeting the challenges of BPA.  Consequently, the proposed projects would need to benefit BPA (directly or indirectly); though supporting research can draw from a multitude of informational and technological resources worldwide.

BPA anticipates awarding multiple cooperative agreements with $3-4 million in new funding available. All projects will be required to provide 50% cost share. The period of performance for each award should be approximately 1 to 3 years with new projects beginning October 1st, 2014.

All applications must be submitted via the BPA Exchange website:  https://bpa-exchange.energy.gov/.  It is recommended that each organization or business unit, whether acting as a team or a single entity, use only one account as the contact point for each submission.

Thank you for your interest in supporting BPA’s Technology Innovation Program.  If you have any questions after reviewing the announcement, please contact the Financial Assistance Officer for this FOA, Matt DeLong at mldelong@bpa.gov or 503-230-7549.