Evolve Your Startup – The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Outsourcing Your Development – Including IP Strategy and Protection

Jan 9, 2018

1211 SW 5th Ave #1900 Portland, OR 97204 USA, Schwabe, Williamson, Wyatt

TiE Oregon, in partnership with the Technology Association of Oregon introduces the “Evolve Your Start-up” series. This new series of events will explore topics relevant to a variety of roles and functions within startups. The goal is to have seasoned professionals in growth-phase companies share their stories and strategies with entrepreneurs just starting out.

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Event Category: Workshops, Trainings & Lectures

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Every Month

Pitch Club PDX

2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm

Pitch Club is an ongoing monthly series where entrepreneurs can practice pitching and get feedback.

Tom Kingsley creates a dynamic and realistic environment to give participants a better understanding of what investors are looking for. Participating entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to role-play as investors evaluating other entrepreneurs.