Apply to the Willamette Angel Conference!

Jan 11 to Feb 25, 2017

Angel Investors from Oregon's Southern Willamette Valley are raising a minimum investment prize of $250,000. Apply by 2/24 to compete!

The Willamette Angel Conference is a annual event and fund that alternates between Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon. An investment committee forms an LLC each year with the intent to make an investment that will be showcased at the annual Conference.

In 2017, the conference will be held on May 11th at the Whiteside Theatre in Corvallis. WAC expects to invest between $200K and $1 million dollars into companies at the conference (in 2016 $1.2M was invested as a result of the conference).  

Applications can be submitted starting in January 2017. Applications close on February 24th. Visit for more details and to complete your registration as a business applicant. 

Information about the Willamette Angels:

  1. The Willamette Angels typically provide funding for
    more than one company each year - including the WAC winner and sidecar deals that result from the conference on May 11th. For example, last year, the Willamette Angels invested over $1.2 million ($300,000 went into the Conference co-winner, Code3Simulator, and $100,000 into co-winner, Agility Robotics. An additional $800,000 was invested in these and other ventures as a result of the conference).
  2. The WAC welcomes startups from all industries.
  3. Investment decisions happen quickly with the winner(s) announced on May 11th.

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