BEST FEST 2018 has a new name and identity!  

It is now called "VertueLab Impact Summit" or VIS2018 - more information can be found on our new website:

Here's what people are saying...

"I get about 400 invitations to speak a day, and I decline usually about 399 of them a day. But when I heard that BEST FEST was going to be here with all the great things they are doing, I had to jump on the opportunity to say YES. The reason I wanted to do that is because this is the best showcase certainly in the region — and quite possibly in the entire country — that links sustainability and economic prosperity. This is where we connect green to jobs."
 — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler at BEST FEST 2016

"This is the best two days to meet and hear from everyone involved in the cleantech space in the Pacific Northwest."

"A focused opportunity to learn more about cleantech in Oregon — and the networking was great!"
— BEST FEST 2016 Attendees