Philip Barbour

Sr. Faculty Research Assistant

Oregon State University

Oregon BEST Member Researcher

Oregon State University has been involved in wind energy research since the late 1970’s. Much of this work has revolved around meteorology, the role it plays in determining the wind energy resources of the Pacific Northwest and how these resources might be used most effectively. Phil Barbour has been involved since the early 1990’s when he began working with the Energy Resources Research Lab (ERRL) as the primary researcher for the Wind Research Cooperative, a collective of public agencies, utilities and wind developers who pooled resources to address technical issues of importance to the development of wind energy in the region. Understanding wind variability, forecasting and integration were some of the main goals of the cooperative and the ERRL. The ERRL was also involved the use and adaptation of weather models to evaluate and predict wind patterns across the region and along the coast where the wind play a crucial role in determining the annual cycle of ocean currents. Because of this experience the ERRL was asked to lead the Oregon Anemometer Loan Program, a program designed to assist landowners and local jurisdictions install instrumentation to determine the potential wind resource at their location. Phil Barbour and the ERRL has also been involved in studies to test new remote sensing technologies for measuring winds, and examining methods to identify and predict sudden wind changes that effect the operations of the regions wind facilities.


Areas of Interest

  • Solar
  • Wind

Other Areas of Interest

Wind Resource Studies, Wind Integration and Forecasting, Wind Measurements, Coastal Winds, General Meteorology


Wind instrumentation, SODAR


  • Corvallis, OR

Contact Information

Phil Barbour
College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
104 CEOAS Admin. Bldg.
Corvallis, OR. 97331-5503
Phone: 541.737.8273