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eWind Solutions, Inc. is a young startup focused on developing an emerging airborne wind energy technology system. Do you remember flying a kite for the first time? The pull of the string in your hands as it caught the wind? That ‘pull’ is energy, and eWind is harnessing that energy to generate power. The concept of airborne wind energy is not new. The resurgence of airborne wind devices has created a renewed interest because of advancements in aerodynamics, composite materials, electronics, and UAV technologies.

eWind's goal is to develop the next generation of wind energy systems, bringing power to rural areas. Scientists estimate that high-altitude winds contain several times the amount of energy needed to meet current global demand. Airborne systems provide access to that energy. Harnessing high altitude wind is both disruptive and valuable in mitigating CO2 emissions and meeting global renewable energy mandates.

eWind's “tethered airfoil” system utilizes a ground-gen system, meaning the airfoil (rigid wing) attaches to a tether connected to a generator on the ground. As the kite spools out, the mechanical energy of the rotating drum converts to electrical energy in the ground system. The rigid wing operates at a higher altitude than a traditional wind turbine, enabling the device to access stronger and more reliable winds. This system has no onboard motors and, unlike other airborne devices, it does not need a conductive tether. Power generation on the ground enables us to design a more nimble, lighter weight device.

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  • Wind

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A 12 kW, fully automated tethered airborne wind energy system capable of producing up to 50kWh on an annual basis. System and install price is approximately 50k per unit.


  • Beaverton, OR

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