Zidell Yards

Entrepreneurial Support Partner

The Zidell family has deep roots in this land, and they see the Yards as an opportunity to create something distinct, bold, and of lasting value for the City of Portland. The Yards embraces the values that make Portland a great place to live: commitment to sustainability, great restaurants, access to transit, and a walking, biking urban lifestyle. The project also takes inspiration from cities like Oslo, Vancouver BC, Chicago, and Copenhagen– cold climate cities that incorporate waterfront parks, docks for kayaking, restaurants on barges, and urban beaches to successfully create waterfront destinations. The river is a universal draw and the Zidell family believes it should be celebrated and shared as a citywide gathering place.


Small, creative firms to large corporate campus users are demanding buildings with character and soul, collaborative open space floor plans, and sustainable features. Buildings at the Yards, as well as the natural and urban environments that surround them, will resonate with the forward-thinking companies that share these values. With a balanced mix of uses and dynamic urban spaces, Zidell Yards is perfectly positioned to become a vibrant waterfront neighborhood, not so unlike the bustling postwar days of Emery Zidell.


  • Portland, OR
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