Lucid Energy

Oregon BEST Company

Lucid Energy provides renewable energy through in-conduit hydropower technology. The LucidPipe™ Power System enables industrial, municipal, and agricultural facilities to produce clean, reliable, low-cost electricity from gravity-fed water pipelines and effluent streams.

Lucid Energy was formed in 2007 with the mission of creating a new way for industries – particularly those that use large amounts of water and electricity – to turn their water pipelines into generators of carbon-free, base-load, renewable energy. Lucid Energy’s technology team invented an in-pipe turbine generator that efficiently recaptures energy embedded in fast-flowing water inside large-diameter pipelines without disrupting operations and with no environmental impact.

Unlike many other renewable energy technologies, the LucidPipe Power System uses the energy inherent in flowing water to provide a consistent, controllable, non-weather-dependent source of electricity that can be used on-site or fed to the grid to reduce energy costs or develop new revenue streams.

Areas of Interest

  • Hydro & Marine Power


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