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NemaMetrix’s flagship ScreenChip technology enables real-time discovery of drugs and its molecular mechanisms of action and toxicity. The platform measures minute electrical signals using microfluidics to analyze the effects of drugs and environmental toxins on the C. elegans worm. The worm is a small, transparent nematode that shares a high degree of genetic and neurophysiological similarity with humans.

The C. elegans nematode worm is one of the most important laboratory animals in the world because of its well understood nervous system, completely sequenced genome and the ability to modify its genetic underpinnings to emulate a human illness. It is used widely in research to drive understanding and unlock cures for more than 60 percent of human diseases.

The palm-sized ScreenChip platform dramatically speeds research by processing hundreds of nematodes per experiment and analyzing electrical readouts using technology similar to electrocardiogram (ECG) tests on humans. Using C. elegans worms, which have a two-week lifespan, reduces the time and costs associated with current testing methods that often involve laboratory mice or rats. The platform reduces training time required for technicians who are drug and environmental testing.

The ScreenChip platform helps advance drug research and is paving the way for novel therapeutic breakthroughs. Early adopters are currently using the NemaMetrix technology as a platform for investigations into Alzheimer’s disease, anti-aging, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and screening water samples for toxic contaminants.


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