Oregon BEST Company

ProGrAnalog™ is a technology company creating innovative products that can be used in everything from data centers to drones. Our new power device family featuring FPPA™ technology (Field Programmable Power Array) called Karma™ will launch in 2018. Combined with our proprietary software, this technology arms the customer with simple yet powerful tools to design faster, more cost effective, and efficient electronic solutions. Our software enables the customer to visualize and implement a better solution in a faster time.

ProGrAnalog™ will then deliver the customized, tested, and validated solution within 24 hours. Previously this would take many months. This dramatic reduction in development time is unprecedented and allows the customer to be the most competitive in a global arena. Providing more efficient power products translates to a lower carbon footprint.

ProGrAnalog™ headquarters are in Portland, Oregon where we support our local economy through the creation of high tech jobs in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Our partnership with Oregon BEST has allowed us to become more successful and productive.


Areas of Interest

  • Energy Efficiency


  • Portland, OR
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