Fertilab Thinkubator

Entrepreneurial Support Partner

FertiLab Thinkubator (FertiLab) is an independent non-profit organization focused on economic development through innovation and entrepreneurship. We have a community-focused tech incubator offering access to space, technology support, and business mentorship with the intent to fuel education, personal innovation, and business development in Oregon.


We operate from a 5,500 sq. ft. space in Eugene, and an 1,800 sq ft space in Springfield, with a 5-member Staff and 7-member Board of Directors. FertiLab currently supports the entrepreneurial community through three primary areas of focus: Programs, BioTech, and Co-Working. Since June 2013, we have provided mentoring and incubation to more than 30 “member” companies and 60 individual entrepreneurs. As of December of 2015, we have trained 24 concept stage companies in our intensive pre-accelerator course. In all, our companies currently employ 45 individuals and have brought $4M into the local economy.

Areas of Interest

  • Biofuels, Biochemicals & Bioproducts

Other Areas of Interest

Life Sciences Software


  • Eugene, Oregon

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