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Kerr Avionics, LLC has developed a patented software product that “turbo-charges” the performance of existing commercial and high performance private jet instrument landing guidance systems.

In fog and other visibility challenged conditions, the technology enables pilots to reliably see the touchdown zone, complete scheduled landings, and avoid circling and diversions to other airports. This translates to projected yearly reductions of carbon emission by the Worldwide Commercial jet aircraft fleet of 1.05 BILLION kg of CO2; all without requiring expensive equipment and infrastructure upgrades, while augmenting the efficiencies of the FAA NextGen ADS-B air traffic control system. In the event of GPS denied environments or system failure, the Kerr software provides precision vertical and horizontal guidance to touchdown on final approach.

Firmly rooted in the Oregon’s Aerospace engineering community, Kerr Avionics founders are veterans of advanced aerospace engineering and aircraft modifications. Managing partner Dr. J. Richard Kerr has led historically significant developments as CTO and Vice President of Wilsonville based FLIR, as head of Engineering for Flight Dynamics (now Rockwell Collins) and as a co-founder of Max-Viz Inc., the world’s leading Enhanced Vision System supplier for situational awareness to civil aircraft.

In addition to Commercial and Military fixed and rotor wing operations, Kerr Avionics products have profound promise for reduction of emissions and cost with concurrent increased of mission efficiencies and accuracy in Civil land and sea search and rescue and commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drone) applications.

Kerr Avionics

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  • Energy Efficiency
  • Transportation


  • Portland, OR

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