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Focal Technologies creates equipment that remediates water and soils — potentially saving lives in remote areas. The Focal system, called Ray, focuses the energy of the sun in concentrations sufficient to kill bacteria and break down complex organic chemicals. Because the main energy input is the sun, it requires virtually no ongoing cost of operation.

The 8 ft. Ray system will help dairies and ranches treat the concentrated coliform bacteria in their runoff — preventing river contamination and costly fines. The system can also be used to treat drinking water and sewage for small communities and aid camps in remote areas.

Scaled up, the 40 ft. unit Big Ray can address some of our largest environmental challenges by treating industrial contamination and effluents — such as cyanide, glycols, brewery waste, and fuels — at a fraction of the cost of standard alternatives and with virtually no additional energy required. The system is also configured to treat contaminated sediments and soils.

Our high-performance refraction system is capable of concentrating both the UV and visible wavelengths in the solar spectrum. At over 70% efficient, Ray represents not only a breakthrough in solar technology, but solar economics. As an equipment-based remediation system, it is mobile, scalable, and lease-financeable.

Areas of Interest

  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Solar
  • Water & Wastewater


  • Portland, Oregon

Contact Information

Eric Steinmeyer – CEO, President
(503) 804-0143

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