Oregon Story Board

Entrepreneurial Support Partner

Our mission at Oregon Story Board is to support the digital storytelling industry by providing access to the resources that emerging companies and entrepreneurs need to thrive. Our programming helps businesses better navigate their story, strategy and business plans. Through mentorship, co-working space, collaboration and networking, we are helping a budding industry of digitally-enabled storytellers thrive in Oregon.


Companies that apply and are accepted into the Oregon Story Board accelerator program are invited into a digital storytelling community where they can focus their full attention for four months on developing the skills, ideas and connections that will help their companies grow.


For some, this means developing an effective product development cycle, for others it's expanding their digital storytelling strategies or designing a targeted marketing plan. Our program is built around the unique challenges of early-stage companies in the creative economy.


We're bringing together young businesses with diverse backgrounds and a common thread: Story. There's a story behind every business, and the story of the entrepreneurs that make it happen.

Other Areas of Interest

Digital Media and Content Creation


  • Portland, Oregon


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