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Ampere Scientific (formerly KW Associates) is the designer and manufacturer of the Arc Position Sensing technology (APS). The APS is an award winning technology that determines spatial locations of diffuse currents in industrial processes where the current paths are not accessible. The first generation product services VAR and ESR furnaces for the specialty metals industry and industrial microwave systems.

For the first time ever, precise measurements of the electric current conduction path within industrial processes (such as those found in vacuum arc remelting furnaces utilized to make specialty alloys of steel, nickel, titanium, zirconium, etc) are obtainable. The APS provides feedback information for control purposes, thus making it possible for more uniform results during industrial processing. The APS was originally developed for the specialty metals industry but has since seen wide applicability to many other industrial process. Developed at a Department of Energy national laboratory, the technology has undergone substantial industrial trials leading to increased productivity and material yield, depending on application.

The technology can locate diffuse currents and display real time images of the industrial process allowing operators greater control of their furnace and managers a more flexibility in the operations of their systems. While this product is beneficial now, it will become a platform for increased productivity in the future as new features are developed.

Areas of Interest

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Manufacturing


  • Corvallis, OR

Contact Information

Paul King
CEO and President

Lauren West
Business Development Lead

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