Green Building Materials Laboratory (GBML) at Oregon State University

Oregon BEST Lab

Green Building Materials Laboratory (GBML) at Oregon State University is equipped to develop and test high-performance sustainable materials for structural applications, including sustainable wood-based materials, concrete with high-recycled content, and specialty insulation. The lab is home to an accelerated aging chamber that is one of only three such facilities in the world.

Oregon BEST supports a network of nine shared-user research facilities at Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon. These multi-million dollar labs offer our industry partners access to research tools, faculty expertise, and workforce development opportunities. The labs help Oregon businesses compete while helping universities grow research and educate graduates.

Areas of Interest

  • Advanced Materials
  • Green Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation


  • Corvallis, OR


Contact Information

Fred Kamke

Jason Ideker

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