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The Power of Collaboration

Oregon BEST Partners are part of a broad-based network of entrepreneurs, university researchers, industry collaborators, investors, and partner organizations. Together, they are the fuel behind creative collaborations that spark innovation, nurture new businesses, and create cleantech jobs for Oregon.

  • Darrell Brown

    School of Business Administration at Portland State University

    Metrics and measures for evaluating green building and clean energy

    Areas of Interest: Green Building

  • G.Z. Brown

    Professor of Architecture; Director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at University of Oregon

    Sustainable green building design

    Areas of Interest: Energy Efficiency,  Green Building

  • Frank Burris

    Fisheries and Wildlife, Gold Beach at Oregon State University

    Markets and uses for products from pyrolysis such as biochar, biooil, and pyroligneous water

    Areas of Interest: Biomass Energy Generation

  • Business Oregon

    Salem, Oregon

    Business Oregon works to create, retain, expand and attract businesses that provide sustainable, living-wage jobs for Oregonians.

  • Raul Cal

    Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Portland State University

    Fundamental and applied studies of wind turbine arrays

    Areas of Interest: Wind

  • David Cann

    Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering at Oregon State University

    Piezoelectric energy harvesting, energy capacitors, and Pb-free piezoelectric materials

    Areas of Interest: Energy Efficiency

  • Carol Caughey

    Design and Human Environment (emerita faculty, retired to Portland) at Oregon State University

    Energy efficient lighting and construction for residential and commercial buildings

    Areas of Interest: Energy Efficiency,  Green Building

  • Chih-hung Chang

    Professor at Oregon State University

    Solar Energy Materials and Processing

    Areas of Interest: Advanced Materials,  Solar

    Related Projects: Develop a Low-cost Manufacturing Process for High Efficiency CIGS Thin Film PVs

  • PSU logo.png

    Heejun Chang

    at Portland State University

    water conservation, smart growth

    Areas of Interest: Water & Wastewater

  • Frank Chaplen

    Biological and Ecological Engineering at Oregon State University

    Application of tools of systems biology and metabolic modeling to issues in biomass, biofuels, and clean energy

  • Richard Chartoff

    Chemistry at University of Oregon

    Biodegradable polymeric materials and lightweight high strength materials

    Areas of Interest: Advanced Materials,  Green Building

  • Hsiou-Lien Chen

    at Oregon State University

    Naturally colored cotton and poplar fibers, environmentally friendly techniques for textile disinfestations

  • Patrick Chiang

    Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State University

    Micro/nano-electronics chip design for wireless sensor networks used for infrastructure monitoring

    Areas of Interest: Advanced Materials

  • Andrew Chiasson

    Geo-Heat Center, Oregon Renewable Energy Center at Oregon Institute of Technology

    Modeling and simulation of thermal systems

    Areas of Interest: Geothermal

  • Mark Chien

    Program Coordinator at Oregon Wine Research Institute

    In 1999 Mark joined Penn State Cooperative Extension as the first wine grape extension educator after managing the world-class Temprance Hill vineyard for 17 years. He is a long time member of the national American Society for Enology and Viticulture and a former secretary of its Eastern Section. He also serves on the board of the National Grape and Wine Initiative and is an active participant in the National Clean Plant Network (NCPN) and the National Viticulture and Enology Extension Conference. In 1999 he earned his Master of Education in Agricultural Extension and Education from Penn State.

    Areas of Interest: Agriculture & Forestry,  Biofuels, Biochemicals & Bioproducts

  • Jeffrey Cina

    Chemistry at University of Oregon

    Electronic excitation energy transfer, a process relevant to both photosynthesis and solar energy conversion

    Areas of Interest: Solar

  • City of Roses Disposal & Recycling

    Portland, Oregon

    A sustainable waste recovery/recycling process carving a niche in the recycling marketplace.

    Areas of Interest: Recycling & Reuse

  • Clifton.jpg

    Kelly Clifton

    Professor at Portland State University

    Kelly J. Clifton is a Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Portland State University.

    Areas of Interest: Smart Grid,  Transportation

  • Erdem Coleri

    Erdem Coleri

    Assistant Professor and John and Jean Loosley Faculty Fellow at Oregon State University

    Erdem Coleri received his Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Davis (2011) with specialization in pavement materials and structures. Dr. Coleri joined OSU in September 2014 after working as a postdoctoral scholar and a project scientist at the University of California Pavement Research Center for three years. He has also worked as a Technical Consultant for Sensys Networks, Inc., which is a leading provider of wireless traffic detection and integrated traffic data systems. His research interests are in the areas of sustainable pavement materials and structures, energy efficient pavement design strategies, and infrastructure health monitoring using wireless sensor networks.

    Areas of Interest: Advanced Materials,  Energy Efficiency,  Infrastructure

  • Columbia Green Technologies

    Portland, OR

    Columbia Green produces engineered vegetative roofs that dynamically manage stormwater runoff.

    Areas of Interest: Green Building,  Water & Wastewater

    Related Projects: Columbia Green Technologies