Mission & Strategies

Our Mission

Oregon BEST is the nexus for clean technology innovation. We build capability, convene collaborations, and accelerate the solutions to environmental challenges that deliver prosperity in all corners of Oregon. 


By executing on our mission, Oregon BEST harnesses Oregon’s spirit of innovation in sustainability.

As a result, Oregon will:

  • Prove that sustainability leads to economic prosperity
  • Have an ecosystem that is a vibrant job creation engine
  • Have enduring partnerships throughout the innovation ecosystem
  • Be a proving ground for leading-edge clean technology
  • Be a recognized leader in new technologies, products, and services
  • Improve the world’s ability to live, work, build, and manufacture in safer, healthier and more sustainable ways

Oregon BEST pursues its mission and vision driven by the organizational values of innovation, collaboration, leadership, and focus on having an impact beyond our scale.

Our Team Values

To achieve impact beyond our scale, we will:

  • Be bold and try new things
  • Focus on results that matter to Oregon
  • Seek diverse perspectives
  • Build and leverage partnerships
  • Embrace a dynamic environment
  • Cultivate expertise 

We thrive when we:

  • Trust and support each other
  • Keep our sense of humor
  • Collaborate
  • Embrace individuality
  • Commit to continuous growth
  • Stay healthy and balanced

What's Next?

Cleantech is Good for Oregon

The Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC) — the Governor-appointed group of 19 people that makes recommendations to the state on funding for Oregon BEST and other innovation initiatives — is undergoing a major strategic planning process this year. After 10 years of economic development focused investments in a range of industry sectors, Oregon InC is looking to determine which ones will bring the most economic opportunity to the people of Oregon in the coming years.

Oregon InC put out a Request for Information seeking input on which industry sectors are a good fit for the state's innovation funding. They asked which sectors have unique connections to Oregon, the ability to leverage other resources, the ability to use state funds to make an impact, and the potential to create jobs. Based on these criteriawe can't think of a better fit than Cleantech

Oregon BEST submitted a response to the RFI this month that laid out this great alignment — evident from substantial industry data and demonstrated through our work over the past nine years. We included data highlighting the 10X increase in Cleantech investment in Oregon in the past 15 years as well as data supporting our argument that Cleantech is more manufacturing and export intensive than the overall economy. Further, we identified four focus areas within Cleantech that offer significant opportunities unique to our state: Smart Cities, Precision Agriculture, Smart Grid, and Advanced Wood Products. Read our full response here:

Read Full Response